The Isle of Portland from Lulworth

Will you help us to make Portland’s first ‘open doors’ day a success?

Since 1994, towns and cities across Britain have been taking part in a unique celebration of local heritage and culture. For one or two days each year, they throw open their doors to everyone and invite people to come in and see what they have to offer, without charge.

The venues are places that are open year-round, but usually charge; buildings that are not normally open to the public; and even private homes of particular architectural or heritage interest.

‘Doors Open Days’ have taken place in London, Bristol, and even in east Dorset, but never on Portland.

Until now.

We are organising the island’s first even open doors event this September. We’d love for you to take part.

  • Would you be prepared to welcome people to your venue?
  • Show them what makes Portland so special?
  • Give them an insight into the island’s history, culture, heritage or natural history?
  • Could you share some of your knowledge in a talk, exhibition or display?

There’s no payment to take part, but no charge either. This is an investment in the island’s future.

We expect that many of the visitors will be from the island itself and other parts of Dorset. Others may travel from further afield to discover what Portland has to offer.

We won’t be charging them to take part – but they will need refreshments and may even need a place to stay. They may be interested to buy books, guides, prints and other souvenirs of their visit.

We’re sure they will leave with a better understanding of the island and be keen to return.

The event will form part of the national Heritage Open Doors Days taking place nationally between 7 and 10 September. It will be widely publicised, locally and nationally.

We’ve already started preparing a website and social media activity and, if there’s enough interest, a smartphone app to help guide visitors around the island from venue to venue.

Please help make the first Portland Doors Open Day a success. Let us know how you could be involved by filling in the form below – or send us an email to:

Join the discussions on Facebook at ‘Open Island’. We’re on twitter as @openislanduk and Instagram as @isleofportland And you can follow all updates on our island website at . Join us!

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